Our history

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In 1882 our family moved from Wisconsin to California, they bought a 360 acre parcel of land, located in what is now considered Prunedale. They chose California to escape the harsh winters of Wisconsin and the idea was to become successful Wheat and Hay farmers. After years of farming Wheat and Hay with little return on their investment they changed gears and began planting apple and pear trees all over the property. The family consisted of eight brothers and three sisters. One of the brothers had an idea to plant Eucalyptus Trees, the premise was to grow the trees to eventually be used for the manufacturing of paper and potentially to supply timber for Telephone poles, which at that time were being erected all over the surrounding areas. Unfortunately this to was another failed plan for success, though to this day there are patches of Eucalyptus trees on the property and surrounding properties that date back close to 100 years. Many of their initial ideas for success proved to be ineffective, because of the lack of funds being generated by crops, my ancestors resorted to making Moonshine and Zinfandel Wine in order to make trades for such items like eggs, smoked hams, etc. This led to a life of relative poverty, and after some time most of the brothers moved to other areas to forge out their own livings, leaving behind my grandmother and her brother to keep the ranch afloat. The Ranch due to a lack of funds eventually became entangled in tax debts to the government. With the future of the Ranch hanging in the balance my father Everett Olson came forward and payed the government the back taxes on the property. In doing so my father became the rightful owner of 75 acres of the property but more importantly took control of the Ranch House, the Barns, and all surrounding buildings. Now in control of his piece of the property my father bought Four Red Angus Cows and got into the business of Beef Cattle. While not the disaster my ancestors went through growing Wheat or farming Apples, the Cattle business never became anything more than an expensive hobby for my father, though he did love having his animals roaming the property and the feeling it gave him of being a Rancher. It wasn’t until I became assistant coach for my youngest son’s football team that another opportunity presented itself. In conversation with one of the parents on the team I explained who I was and where our Ranch was located, his eyes widened somewhat and he asked if my ranch was the one he saw off of Highway 101 driving through Prunedale, I told him that was indeed our ranch,he said with the west facing slopes and the proximity from the ocean you have a perfect location for a Vineyard. I eventually learned that the man I was speaking with was the head wine maker for Talbot Vineyards. After much consideration and planning, myself, along with my father made the decision to turn the Cattle Ranch into a Vineyard. After the ground was disked and prepped, we planted 10 acres of Chardonnay and 10 acres of Pinot Noir. The clones for the Chardonnay were Talbott’s “Diamond T” & “Sleepy Hollow” and the Pinot Noir clones planted were “ 666” “113” and “667”. That was over 15 years ago, in that time our vineyard has come a long way, we’ve experienced a painful loss with the death of my father, but my sons and I work very hard to make a name in the wine business in honor of him and legacy he left behind